Do you want to install a video surveillance system yourself?

How enticing is it, when you see a video surveillance system at a minimum cost sitting in your hardware store? You begin to think I can do this!

What most forget, is the long term cost. When you are not an expert video surveillance installation technician things can get expensive. Purchasing the proper tools, the additional components that do not come in the kit, wiring etc.. When an expert video surveillance installation technician installs your system you can be reassured that your hardware is guaranteed, the installation will be done correctly the first time, and a reliable source to resolve any issue during the lifetime of your contract.

Not sure which to get Alarm or Video Surveillance Systems?

Both alarm and video surveillance systems keep you and your home safe but there is a difference between the two. Alarm systems notify you of any intruders entering your home day or night once alarmed. When there is an intrusion you are contacted by a 24/7 central station informing you or has the capability to dispatch the police, if needed. Video surveillance allows customers to see both live and past activities in and outside of their homes.  Some video surveillance systems allow notifications to your mobile device but does not have the ability to dispatch the police.  You have to determine which would suit you and your family’s lifestyle; no matter both systems keep you and your family secure.